The Tide

My friend Annie has written a little ditty called The Tide, a protest song inspired by the courage and determination of the protesters in Africa and the Middle East, written with the goal of helping, in some small way, to turn the Arab Spring into a global tide of awareness and solidarity.

"A song of peaceful revolution and empowerment. A song about the growing global movement of citizen awareness and an emerging solidarity."

Annie is a lady that has a lot more going on than one short song. She also has a five part animated satire of American conspiracies called "Conspiracy! The Series" and is an accomplished poet.

She has recently founded The Consumer Party on the concept of changing the world by the way we spend, or, in the case of corporations that do not conform to sustainability standards, how we do not spend.

And she has founded 1world1wage, which is based on the concept of establishing uniform global wage requirements, thereby inhibiting corporate exploitation and abuse of third world nations while helping protect jobs in the Old and New worlds from outsourcing. Annie has started a petition to the U.N. for a Global Labor Treaty. I encourage everyone interested in global nonviolent social change to at least give it a lookover and a signature, but what I would really love to see is every one read it, sign it (with thoughtful, spell-checked comment), and give a shout or holla about it everywhere you can without spamming anybody. Do it for me. Do it for Annie. Do it for yourself. Do it for the World. Do it to piss off the Banksters and Fat Cats. Do it for any reason you can come up with. Do it for no reason at all. Just Do It!

Become the Tide

Posted on 25 Sep 2011, 21:43 - Category: Activism
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