Hey! It's been awhile!

Since I last posted I have done a stint providing gear for open mic night jams at a jont that has how been out of business for a year. All I got out f it was a domain, good old windyridgesaloon.com, and a bunch of recordings.

Having moved to a new house there is now room for a small home studio / jam space. I have been going through the archives, pulling out sessions and songs that need a little TLC to be product.

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A Perfect Photographic Memory of You

The new single A Perfect Photographic Memory of You by Kirk Philipsen is finally in the can! And there is a fun, rough-mix, ''studio rush'' posted online to listen to.

We did the final lead track yesterday and blasted out a rough mix on the old near fields with each one of us moving sliders up and down, twirling knobs, and mucking about sort of in one another's way for 3 minutes and 33 seconds.

Then we uploaded the resulting mix to Kirk's home playlist on dial-up and I played it fine on a couple DSL connections back in town. It's playing fine as I post on this Lucid Puppy Linux boot (formerly Win98) of an old Gateway PII with 256M of RAM and a 10/100 ethernet card on DSL.

Kirk has a lot of tracks to play with, mix, and master, so he will be busy for a little while as he works on finalizing the song. There is a lot to map for this mix so I don't expect anything over night.

There will be some changes in the final mix, which will be out fairly soon and available on Kirk's CD baby page.

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New Stuff Going On

Added a NewsDesk page that features blurbs highlighting the last three additions to the ettruck domain and a little site map snapshot of the day like the one below.

Extra Terrestrial Trucking
ET TiddlyWiki
Learning About Industrial Hemp
Hemp Audio Playlist
Conspiracies Page
Hemp Videos Page
Hemp WebRings
Hemp Widgets
New Learning About Industrial Hemp Wiki
Ric's Home Page
Ric's Mini-blog
Songs For Lonely Highways
Masters Blend
Gary Larson

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Hemp Site News

Static pages in the hemp folder not created by the CMS.

Audio Archive Playlist

Conspiracies Page

Hemp Videos Page

Hemp WebRings

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The Extra Terrestrial Trucking TuneBox is online in a brand new, but increasingly usable, condition.

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Down time

Slight DNS change from midnight to noon-ish today. Sorry for the interruption in service and any inconvenience.

Great to be back online and able to email again, but best of all, we are back to streaming tunes!

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Kirk In Spirit - Released!

Shrink wrapped and ready for order:
Kirk In Spirit CDbaby page.

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TiddlyWikis Popping Up

These things are about as much fun as one could have with a single html file. Many of the characteristics of a wiki site, all on one page.

TiddlyStuff at GorgeLink

ETTruck TiddlyWiki

Kirk's Tiddly

The Kirk In Spirit CD wiki

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Mastering Kirk's CD Project

I posted about this over at the Ekone Creative Services blog.

Listening to the pre-release to evaluate the mixes on various systems and trying to decide how much time to add between tracks is the order of the day, in preparation for the final Master.

Hoping to send it out on Monday.

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New Site News

I have set up the Learning About Industrial Hemp zone at Extra Terrestrial Trucking using ReloadCMS, a free CMS written in PHP and based on flat files instead of a database.

The default skin for the new site is Ganja Lite, but if you don't like it there are user changeable choices for the default themes.

Still getting to know ReloadCMS as an engine, and the test drive has been smoothly fun. I hope it stays that way since most of the support on the web is in Russian.

It's only a 500k download, so it's easy to acquire, even on dial-up connections, and needs no database. The ReloadCMS team says it realizes "all abilities of high-level CMS like modularity, templates, users management, advanced rights system and package of main modules like articles, news, guestbook, minichat, filearchive and others". So far I agree with them and recommend it for folks who need its features, but need a small footprint. There is a lot of bang per kilobyte with this little CMS.

My next challenge will be to install it as a personal CMS on a newer Puppy Linux boot than the one I'm on right now and/or on a Server Puppy boot (there are two versions, an Apache version and one with the Hiawatha web server). When I get time to play in those yards I will come back and add comments on the results.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the test drive and hoping that lots of netizens find our newest site informative and useful.

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