Operation Sons of 1984

The revolution's here? Now?

Quick! Load ALL the internets!

Since we have no monies to send to the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and it's w-a-a-a-y too far to walk some pizzas and fresh garden stuff over to Liberty Plaza, but I love all those folks and wanna help somehow ... witness the launch of Operation Sons of 1984, based on themes and memes found in that great old tune by Todd Rundgren, lifting a line for the catchphrase:
"I can still see the great panorama of hate / Being cleansed by our loving hands...".

The An Occupy Wallstreet Wiki is like a community bulletin board anywhere. Anybody can not only stick something to it, they can respond to stuff other folks have stuck there, hence the appellation AnoniWikiSpace for the mode for what goes on there, which is manifested as One User One Wall and 1user1wiki to show solidarity with the demonstrators and other supporters.

Then Carl OK'd hosting at ettruck.com and a basic pligg powered OWS News engine was given a sub-domain so the Demonstrators and support groups can report links to News important to them, vote on the articles & comment on them.

Current categories are:

*Resources - for new + developing resources

*OWSNews - OWS general category

*LocalGroups - for local groups to post updates

*OWS Wins - for posting our victories great and small!

*Blogs-OWS- for links to blog posts about or pertaining to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

*OWS Press - OWS in the Press or (official) OWS Press? Stay tuned!

*People - articles about individuals and celebs

*PoliceState - when the State goes over the line

It's nice that tools like this are not only info sharing tools, but ones that give freedom to build consensus about ideas and information by a member base with a focused interest.

And a An Occupy Wall Street Media Wiki has been started in another sub-domain. The media wiki is intended as a place to mirror content created in the open access community wiki for archival in a more formal wiki environment.

So far so good. Up the Occupation!

And I still trust Annie with all my <3. You should, too.

Posted on 3 Oct 2011, 1:12 - Category: Activism
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