An Open Educational Resource Library - 2013

Things are progressing, the archive is growing, the texts for the California Learning Resource Network Textbooks Collection are uploaded (along with some updates in sciences) and we are eagerly awaiting the college level open textbooks that are projected to be released this year. OpenTexts at high school level was what was available and a dandy cornerstone for the whole project so that's what I went with. Anyone needing a text to study for a GED or any teacher with students at that level who cannot afford to help turn more trees into paper pulp can get it without having to log in or give up ANY info to get what they need. The only ones who log in are the archivists, not the public, just as any public service on the internet should be.

But the meta data still needs a going over with a fine tooth comb and a preening applied if errors or omissions are found.

In other words it needs a real librarian instead of a bibliophile at the helm, but the stuff is openly accessible and there are interesting and useful things to find and I'll keep adding what I can the best I can and keep encouraging others to do the same until the experts show up.

Some collections may only have one item, thereby currently oxymoronizing the concept of just what a collection is, but each of those singular items is the cornerstone for its collection and more stuff will be added before too long and that little LOLWUT? will fade away.

We are still on track to be one little pocket of light where the internet is open and free as it used to be. Being one more little node on the Good Knowledge Network that is the Libraries of Occupy is a fine thing to be, no matter how big (or small) your bookcase is.

Posted on 13 Feb 2013, 24:42 - Category: Activism
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