Happy 4th of July 2012!

Not much going on at ettruck.com outside the new Open Educational Resources Library in the old ows sub-domain and planning for the same games area of flash games that we were planning a long time ago. Now that the lost folder of game files has been re-discovered interest is picking up in getting the games area going just for lulz.

The web template is not decided, let alone html5, and so it goes.

I had thought that a wiki engine would be good for the gamers to share tricks and tips, but I don't want to be stuck baby sitting that and I know none of the other crew are going to volunteer. So don't hold your breath. (Especially since Carl's last batch of tape head cleaner is finished. This isn't that old 70% Isopropyl stuff this is the 90+ percent deluxe ethanol tape head cleaner that keeps the tape drag low).

The new transmission fluid cooling unit for the boat has arrived and everyone is focused on getting that job scheduled in among the gardening, yard work, and 4th of July partying while I'm still waiting for the jams.

Have a Safe and Happy 4th!

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Days of Future Passed

All the time he was trucking Carl was proud that ETTruck.com was a website that wasn't cheesed out with affiliate ads and other make money on the inner net schemes. He was proud to announce that ET made their money off hauling freight, not off their website.

Now Carl is retired and owns a web domain that necessarily isn't. We have kicked various ideas around, but nothing has gelled - yet.

A record label or a production company or even a band! Nobody knows. Everybody has been enjoying the summer. Carl has taken the boat out onto the river and into the ocean and spent the rest of his time cruising on his Harley.

Also discussed was importing LED lighting units for truckers, and constructing custom lighting units for preferred customers, along with other entrepeneurial considerations.

And no one has a clue. The site hangs suspended. And the songs play on while the hiatus extends a little more. Web stuff hasn't been a big priority.

Opportunities will present themselves and the domain will take a new tack soon enough. Right now it's just nice to have hang time for smelling a few roses at a leisurely pace.

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