A Perfect Photographic Memory of You

The new single A Perfect Photographic Memory of You by Kirk Philipsen is finally in the can! And there is a fun, rough-mix, ''studio rush'' posted online to listen to.

We did the final lead track yesterday and blasted out a rough mix on the old near fields with each one of us moving sliders up and down, twirling knobs, and mucking about sort of in one another's way for 3 minutes and 33 seconds.

Then we uploaded the resulting mix to Kirk's home playlist on dial-up and I played it fine on a couple DSL connections back in town. It's playing fine as I post on this Lucid Puppy Linux boot (formerly Win98) of an old Gateway PII with 256M of RAM and a 10/100 ethernet card on DSL.

Kirk has a lot of tracks to play with, mix, and master, so he will be busy for a little while as he works on finalizing the song. There is a lot to map for this mix so I don't expect anything over night.

There will be some changes in the final mix, which will be out fairly soon and available on Kirk's CD baby page.

Posted on 9 Jun 2011, 14:49 - Category: News
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