Extra Terrestrial Trucking

Extra Terrestrial Trucking was a premiere provider of flat bed hauling services up and down the west coast for over 15 years. It was owned by Carl New of Goldendale, Washington, who based the name on a subtle pun that was hardly ever recognized, much less, appreciated.

Carl retired last year, so the site has essentially closed down for the purpose the domain was established, which was to promote ETTruck, and provide contact info to customers.

Carl shared his domain with friends who wanted a web page and was active in promoting community services.

Now the domain is shifting its purpose to more fun things than advertising reliable hauling services.
Local musicians are running playlists hosted here, and a few other things are still serving their original purposes, and every thing moves at a more leisurely pace.

Posted on 13 Aug 2010, 23:21 - Category: ettruck
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