The Public Party

Perhaps this time around Americans will form a coalition of Independents to vote in more sane representatives who won't sell us out to the banksters and corporations.

We have two corporate parties. It's way past time for a party that will actually represent the portions of the American Public who are their constituents. A Public Party. An American Party. An American Public Party. An E Pluribus Unim Party. A Revenge of the Nerds Party. The only thing that matters about the name is how whatever a coalition of Independent Americans would be is spelled in the history books.

That's my American Dream

It will be realized when my fellow Americans vote to put the Reds and the Blues on the sidelines for ONE full rotation on the old election cycle to get people who to do the bidding of the constituents instead of the usual pimps and scoundrels that bought our Federal government away from all of US decades ago.

The Public Domain is shrinking as fast as the middle class as our common rights and resources are sold to the highest corporate bidders as a purported public service.

We need Real Citizens to represent us. People who won't sell us out because they are patriots and our Rights and Liberties granted to us all under the Constitution are not for sale. American Representation for the American Public instead of the "public service" we've been getting from the usual narcissistic pimps and whores.

We need patriotic Americans who will prosecute the banksters and scoudrels who steal money from the American Public into the future generations where every new citizen born enters our nation will a share of a National Debt on the tens of thousands. People who steal from our children should be prosecuted criminally and civilly and their assets seized to pay back what they stole.

If the American Public had true representation that is what would be happening now.

The Reds and Blues forget there is another color on the American flag and it's past time Independents take it for their own.

Posted on 17 Jun 2011, 24:24 - Category: Elections
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