Our New Flash Games Zone

So many free flash games out there to put on your site and so little time! (And they are so easily playable right off your hard drives, too). Our little collection is hitting the cloud and even though the site is still under construction the games are playable, fun, and free for self-inflicted random acts of amusement and consternation.

Learning about Industrial Hemp

The Learning about Industrial Hemp Zone is off to a nice start, at last. The L.A.I.H Zone consists of an installation of ReloadCMS 1.2.7 content management system and a sub site of hard-coded pages interlinked with one another. New content pages have been added outside the CMS and the New Learning About Industrial Hemp Wiki has just been activated and is ready for content to be added. Recent pages added out side the CMS are the Hemp Videos Page, Hemp WebRings and the Hemp Widgets pages.


TuneBox is now online featuring playlists for most all of the Opentape playlists we have been tossing into the cloud this past bunches of months.


Extra Terrestrial Trucking now has our own TiddlyWiki.

" A TiddlyWiki is a single html file which has all the characteristics of a wiki - including all of the content, the functionality (including editing, saving, tagging and searching) and the style sheet."
- - The Tiddlywiki website
Because the wiki is all in one file it makes it exremely portable and sharable. If you save the TiddlyWiki to your hard drive you can edit it to your hearts content. (A guy even recently customized Browser Puppy Linux to make a puplet named TW-OS, a TiddlyWikiPuppy, so to speak). One of the nicest TiddlyWiki manuals is itself a TiddlyWiki called TiddlyWiki for the rest of us, a getting started tutorial for TiddlyWiki written in simple, non-technical language.       Learn more...

Links for the ETTruck Domain Handy Internet Links

Color match generator - helps you pick colors for your website.

StrangeBanana - a random css style generator

DuckDuckGo - another great search engine for inquiring minds that want to know.

Yippy! Search - formerly Clusty (the original "decision engine") and still a search engine that clusters your search results!

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