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Masters Blend is an a cappella vocal group whose mission is to perform in prisons as we sing our praises to Our Lord.

We have been looking for a way to make our singing available to prisoners that we cannot perform for because distance and travel expenses are too great to allow us to go there and sing for them. We also wanted to be able to share our singing with people from all walks of life who would appreciate listening as well.

About our site

We have been doing a lot of praying for some help in our ministry and some of our prayers were answered when James Randall recorded us and produced a CD of those 18 songs. Some more of our prayers were answered when GorgeLink.Org blessed us with hosting and bandwidth so we could share our singing with people around the world. This site is here not just to tell you about our mission, but mainly so we can share our singing with you.

Please visit our downloads page for samples of hymms sung by Masters Blend in mp3, ogg, and wav formats.

Song Distribution Details

Our first CD is free to copy and share, but not to sell or sample into other stuff. This means that the individual songs are being released under the same permissions, along with a request to let whoever you share them with know as well.

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