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Learning About Industrial Hemp

Just an quick Index page based on the conspiracies page because the ReloadCMS is broken and I used the most interesting page for my template. I was tired of a blank index.php page and not going to troubleshoot ReloadCMS version 1.2.7, which served well for quite a few years, kludgy though it was. Instead we are opening up a new sub-domain at with a new , but familiar, CMS over there. The articles we had here have been moved over there and work on the rest of the site is in progress.

There is a hard-coded site that was nestled in the CMS, happily symbiotic. Now that Reload doesn't, hard-coded hangs and the CMS morphs and moves on.

At the time these documents were made available on the internets even the text files were zipped because of the slowness of the connections. The files are available here as free ebooks in their original state, as per the distribution agreement.

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