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Carl New is the owner of Extra Terrestrial Trucking. He is now retired and spends a lot of time with his boat and other projects.
Thank God we are not all alike!
The [[RPMChallenge|]] is a challenge to record, mix, master and burn a CD in the shortest month of the year. While they encourage the writing of the songs during February as well, it is not required - the //caveat// being they all have to be songs that are unreleased. But all production must be during February. \n\nIt is ''not'' a competition, it ''is'' a challenge. All you win is a completed CD if you make it to the finish line by mailing them your CD by the deadline and whatever start on a CD you have if you fail to complete on time.
[[Extra Terrestrial Trucking|]] was a premiere provider of flat bed hauling services up and down the west coast for nearly 20 years.\n\nETTruck has been online since 2000.
ETTruck made it's money hauling freight, not off it's website. That said, was always running on a sort of pay-it-forward basis because of Carl's propensity for providing free hosting for his friends who were working on start-up companies and needed a web page or small site. A few of those little enterprises failed and some of those seeds sprouted and are around today.\n\n
At the time of Carl's retirement he was driving his seventh truck pulling his eleventh trailer so the rig was called SevenEleven. It is the rig featured in the logo of the home page.
The ETTruck TiddlyWiki
Mike New is Carl's son who was an ET driver for few couple years.\n\nMike is an avid sports card collector who also enjoys gaming, gardening, and river rafting.\n\nWhen he is not managing his sales on eBay, he is also an amazing chef.
Ric Frye has been the webmaster for since it's inception and volunteer webmaster for since the dawn of the new millenium.\n\nRic is a sound technician and audio taper who no longer uses tape to record stuff. He recorded Functional Schizophrenic for [[GrindHouse|]] and the acoustic songs by [[Gary and Sonny Larson|]] on the songs in their playlists.\n\nRic is also a guitar and bass player who builds a lot of his own noise toys out of electronic parts he keeps coming up with from somewhere.\n\n
Now that Carl is retired he finds himself owning a domain that isn't. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, mostly play lists for local singer/songwriters and a site or few in development.\n\nActive sites and pages currently are:\n*[[ET NewsDesk|]] - newest three things and a sitemenu\n*[[Songs For Lonely Highways|]] - the original ettruck playlist, mp3 player, noise cast, iRadio broadcast mp3 collection. \n*[[TuneBox|]] - A growing collection of play lists to stream (or download ) songs. \n*[[Learning About Industrial Hemp|]] - Focusing on a major in Industrial with a minor in Medical. A content portal powered by ReloadCMS. The site is skinnable, meaning anybody can choose a different template than the default to view the CMS portion of the site. \nNOTE: pages outside the CMS are listed in the [[forum|]] right [[here|]].\n*[[HempWiki|]] - a new wiki for hemp\n*[[Masters Blend|]] - a mirror site for a group that sings hymns //a capella// in support of Northwest Prison/Jail Ministries. Free downloads in mp3, ogg, and wav formats.\n*[[Ric's page|]] - a little page of the webmaster's mirrored off the office computer. RicFrye is also the volunteer webmaster for www.GorgeLink.Org/.\n*[[Ric's personal blog|]] - Not a big one like Wordpress, but not micro-blogging like Twitter. A mini-blog, I guess.\n\nRecently a couple of musical friends ran into difficulty because the servers their sites were hosting didn't have the most updated version of perl required to run the Opentape app they were planning to use for their playlists. When he found out his domain had the required libraries Carl didn't hesitate to offer space and bandwidth so they could port the content to their sites in an iframe until they got their embed codes working..\n \nPlaylists (streaming ''and'' free mp3 downloads):\n*[[GrindHouse|]] - the band's entry for 2009, ''//Functional Schizophrenic//'', with songs by Robby Wilson. Recorded by Ric Frye. Mixed and mastered by Robby.\n*[[Gary Larson's Drifting Cowboy Jukebox|]] - songs with at least one Larson brother in the mix somewhere. Currently seven songs of Sonny and Gary Larson unplugged recorded by Ric in January of 2009 and one song from Sonny's band ''//Jackbone Dixie//''.