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Welcome to the Kirk Philipsen page on TuneBox

Kirk is the champ at playlists so far with three on our list. His honorable mention on this page is not because of the quantity of playlists, but rather, because the songs in all his play lists are his own.

He has the one at his personal site The Music of Kirk Philipsen (... Works in Progress ... art, poetry, music) where he tosses up mixes of his works in progress.

...And he has one as a Listening Booth at BluStreetsRecords, the label he started to produce and distribute his first CD. Kirk is using them there in an attempt to restore one of the missing elements of the old days of record stores when you could drop a new 45 or LP on a platter and listen in head phones and listen to a whole disc. His playlists are a response to the clipped versions at his CDbaby page, an attempt to allow customers to have a chance to really know what they are choosing to buy if they purchase his music.

...And ...And there is the one just for his new releaseThe Kirk In Spirit CD, which came out just in time for the holidays in very late 2009. Kirk plans one playlist for each album, so customers can know well the songs they choose to purchace from his label.

Our TiddlyWiki Wayness so far:

I have been thinking about how an ebook distributed in a TiddlyWiki would allow the elimination of bad links as time went by and link rot creep in.

I have ebooks in pdf and exe formats that have a lot of dead links in them and if they were in an easily editable format I could fix that. Of course, on these files it would be in violation of the free-to-share-but-not-to-modify distribution agreement that allowed their internet distribution and circulation in the first place.

The WikiWay is the better way for archiving info so that it does not become stale-dated or totally obsolete.

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