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Welcome to the GorgeAccess page on TuneBox

Regional Talent

GorgeAccess.Net has a few Opentape play lists that have popped up in their hosting spaces.

Functional Schizophrenic by GrindHouse

Songs Melissa sang before moving on.

Gary Larson's drifting Cowboy Jukebox of Musical Wonders

Our TiddlyWiki Wayness so far:

I have been thinking about how an ebook distributed in a TiddlyWiki would allow the elimination of bad links as time went by and link rot creep in.

I have ebooks in pdf and exe formats that have a lot of dead links in them and if they were in an easily editable format I could fix that. Of course, on these files it would be in violation of the free-to-share-but-not-to-modify distribution agreement that allowed their internet distribution and circulation in the first place.

The WikiWay is the better way for archiving info so that it does not become stale-dated or totally obsolete.

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