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About the TuneBox at Extra Terrestrial Trucking

TuneBox was a node on the old office network in the old days. It was the old office computer relegated to a double life of being the quiet break companion, patiently playing zillions of solitaire, freecell, and other games with crew on lunch and other breaks. A life of the patient partier portioning out the playlist for another session as the office jukebox or playing the ET music collection when needed at choir practice. Because of it's healthy playlist, the old "Socket Seven with SoundBlaster " was dubbed TuneBox on the office intranet and became everybody's buddy.

And all along, undercover, it was a machine that unobtrusively backed up the data generated by the brand new ET office dynamo and archiving its own, and other, back ups as well.

Now the goal is to move what we can into the cloud here at Extra Terrestrial Trucking and at other sites while helping out on creating new content to balance with the old. Besides, we already have a few out in the wild already and this would be the place to integrate 'em while they are relatively young.

The primary tool at this point will be virtual "mixtapes", one per album, through the Opentape application.We will be adding more and more sounds as time goes by to build up a "broadcast-on-demand " "jukebox-in-the-cloud" music server and "audiocasting sensation" where folks come to create their own programming instead of always having radio and video jockeys do it for them. A place to find stuff to satisfy each person's interests and needs instead of whatever the program schedule is for the day for hundreds of stations in the meatball. Where the users start and stop the songs for themselves, their fingers on the switches instead any DJ's.

Our TuneBox Supports Local Talent

The GorgeLink Audio Sampler is a good place to start because it has one song each by most of the folks who are going to be featured in the other play lists below.

GorgeSongs - The GorgeLink Jukebox

Sadly, at the TheSavvyTheChic blog there is a broken link when one attempts to download Number Six from Savvy And The Chic, but I have a corrected one here: TSATC_Vol6_Exotica.mp3

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