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Posted on 8 May 2011, 4:22 - Category: News
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The Extra Terrestrial Trucking TuneBox is online in a brand new, but increasingly usable, condition.

Posted on 17 Feb 2011, 1:29 - Category: News
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Down time

Slight DNS change from midnight to noon-ish today. Sorry for the interruption in service and any inconvenience.

Great to be back online and able to email again, but best of all, we are back to streaming tunes!

Posted on 29 Jan 2011, 13:25 - Category: News
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Kirk In Spirit - Released!

Shrink wrapped and ready for order:
Kirk In Spirit CDbaby page.

Posted on 11 Jan 2011, 9:33 - Category: News
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TiddlyWikis Popping Up

These things are about as much fun as one could have with a single html file. Many of the characteristics of a wiki site, all on one page.

TiddlyStuff at GorgeLink

ETTruck TiddlyWiki

Kirk's Tiddly

The Kirk In Spirit CD wiki

Posted on 30 Dec 2010, 15:58 - Category: News
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Mastering Kirk's CD Project

I posted about this over at the Ekone Creative Services blog.

Listening to the pre-release to evaluate the mixes on various systems and trying to decide how much time to add between tracks is the order of the day, in preparation for the final Master.

Hoping to send it out on Monday.

Posted on 20 Nov 2010, 6:08 - Category: News
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Election Night Musings

We need the facts now more than ever in the history of this once great nation.

The slow motion train wreck continues its way through the evening. The Koch suckers are apparently winning the day for the house.

It's looking like America is going to hand the keys to the car over to the same goofs that drove it into the ditch. 82 percent of the National debt was spent by the Republikans and America's handing seats back to them so they can continue driving the car off the cliff.

Looks like more Blue Dogs got it than progressive Dems, though. I wonder what that portends, if anything at all, outside that old meme that given the choice between a Dem acting like a Con and a Con, the voters will gravitate towards the Connie most of the time.

The hedge fund manager types are feeding the "Libertarian"s the sociopathic stupid stuff they love to hear, and the majority is so confused on the facts it's going to be harder to solve anything. Are we going to have a re-run of the last depression where the stimulus was too small and the Connies cut it even farther trying to budget cut their way out of it to no avail? Is history going to repeat itself?

While I do love watching rich people squander their hard earned money it's been a huge waste of economic resources for this country that could have been better spent on stuff a nation really needs, but the media who got lots of money to air a lot of ads, so there was a little stimulus there just for them.

Being on the west coast is sucky because of the lag in reporting compared to the east, but it gives me more time to plan my continuing strategy to keep voting with my dollars every day until sanity wins the day.

It's sad when they show the color coded chart of house seats and there are only two white ones in the middle of the red and blue. Only one true Independent and a Lieberman represented and the remaining five hundred thirty three seats.

The Reds and Blues forget there is another color on the flag, and it's past the time Independents took it for their own. We need a white stripe coalition of true Independents to take as many of those red and blue seats as possible if we are going to ever keep the reds and blues from spending too much focus and energy on beating one another while they spend too little effort on doing what we sent them there to do. Both need to be benched for a season while people who aren't for sale and capable of recognizing the facts of our matters deal with implementing working solutions.

Posted on 3 Nov 2010, 12:33 - Category: Elections
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New Site News

I have set up the Learning About Industrial Hemp zone at Extra Terrestrial Trucking using ReloadCMS, a free CMS written in PHP and based on flat files instead of a database.

The default skin for the new site is Ganja Lite, but if you don't like it there are user changeable choices for the default themes.

Still getting to know ReloadCMS as an engine, and the test drive has been smoothly fun. I hope it stays that way since most of the support on the web is in Russian.

It's only a 500k download, so it's easy to acquire, even on dial-up connections, and needs no database. The ReloadCMS team says it realizes "all abilities of high-level CMS like modularity, templates, users management, advanced rights system and package of main modules like articles, news, guestbook, minichat, filearchive and others". So far I agree with them and recommend it for folks who need its features, but need a small footprint. There is a lot of bang per kilobyte with this little CMS.

My next challenge will be to install it as a personal CMS on a newer Puppy Linux boot than the one I'm on right now and/or on a Server Puppy boot (there are two versions, an Apache version and one with the Hiawatha web server). When I get time to play in those yards I will come back and add comments on the results.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the test drive and hoping that lots of netizens find our newest site informative and useful.

Posted on 28 Oct 2010, 6:27 - Category: News
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Days of Future Passed

All the time he was trucking Carl was proud that ETTruck.com was a website that wasn't cheesed out with affiliate ads and other make money on the inner net schemes. He was proud to announce that ET made their money off hauling freight, not off their website.

Now Carl is retired and owns a web domain that necessarily isn't. We have kicked various ideas around, but nothing has gelled - yet.

A record label or a production company or even a band! Nobody knows. Everybody has been enjoying the summer. Carl has taken the boat out onto the river and into the ocean and spent the rest of his time cruising on his Harley.

Also discussed was importing LED lighting units for truckers, and constructing custom lighting units for preferred customers, along with other entrepeneurial considerations.

And no one has a clue. The site hangs suspended. And the songs play on while the hiatus extends a little more. Web stuff hasn't been a big priority.

Opportunities will present themselves and the domain will take a new tack soon enough. Right now it's just nice to have hang time for smelling a few roses at a leisurely pace.

Posted on 10 Sep 2010, 12:05 - Category: Ettruck
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Ayn Rand's Adventures in Wonderland

Benjamin Frisch has a new comic series at Wonkette about Ayn Rand getting catapulted into right freaking now. It's off to a good start with several installments and I'm looking forward to future episodes. I'll add new links as the story progresses.

That's Objectivist: Ayn Rand in the 21st Century

Future Perfect: Ayn Rand in the 21st Century

The Headfountain: Ayn Rand In the 21st Century

A New Hope: Ayn Rand in the 21st Century

The Ivory Tower: Ayn Rand in the 21st Century

Thrills, Baby, Thrills: Ayn Rand In The 21st Century

The Right to Arm Bears: Ayn Rand In the 21st Century

Brotherhood of Steele: Ayn Rand In the 21st Century

Economic Stimulus: Ayn Rand In The 21st Century

Third Act Twist: Ayn Rand In the 21st Century

Psychedelic Derivatives: Ayn Rand In the 21st Century

The Ashes of 10,000 Cigarettes: Ayn Rand In the 21st Century

Never Forget: Ayn Randís Wild Ride

Posted on 1 Sep 2010, 19:59 - Category: objectivism
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